Nihar, Gauhar’s family is upset with her Bigg Boss conduct

Subhash K Jha
Written by Subhash K Jha
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Nihar Pandya is indeed upset with Gauhar Khan. But not because she is his girlfriend. But because as a friend he is concerned about her public image.

Says a close friend of Gauhar, “Nihar and Gauhar broke up eight months ago. But it wasn’t a bitter parting like Nihar’s breakup with Deepika Padukone. They are still friends and care deeply for one another.In fact Nihar is very close to Gauhar’s entire family including her sister Nigar. And when Nihar’s brother Parth got married in February Gauhar , her sister Nigar and their parents participated as if it was a wedding in their own family.That’s why Nihar is embarrassed by Gauhar’s open coochie cooing with model Kushal Tandon in full public view.”

According to Gauhar’s friend her family has not taken kindly to her PDA with Tandon.

Says the friend, “Gauhar’s family is extremely conservative at heart. Both Nigar andGauhar have been on several reality shows. But they have never crossed boundaries.Gauhar’s behaviour is distressful to those close to her and her family.”

To add more spice to the Gauhar Khan-Kushal Tandon love story on Bigg Boss  the show has now decided to bring on Kushal Tandon’s former girlfriend Candy Brar.

Candy and Kushal used to date each other until recently. They parted bitterly.

Says a source, “By bringing Candy, Bigg Boss hopes to create fireworks in the house among Gauhar,Kushal and Candy.”

That isn’t all. Sources say Gauhar’s former boyfriend Nihar Pandya is also expected to join the triangle in Bigg Boss soon.

“So it would be Gauhar and Kushal’s ex-es coming to a clash-point with the couple. The Bigg Boss producers are hoping for major fireworks.”

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