Veena Malik: “Prashant Singh Pratap Is My Staffer”

Veena Malik aith Assad
Subhash K Jha
Written by Subhash K Jha

Shocked and amused  by a certain Prashant Pratap Singh’s claims that he is her live-in partner the newly-married Veena Malik and her husband Asad Bashir Khan called from Dubai to clear the air.

Veena could barely contain her excitement at her newly married status and her annoyance at the new development.

Said the radiant bride, “Lagta hai logon ko meri khushi pasand nahin hai. Otherwise why would DollyBindra fly down to Pakistan specially to give a press conference against me? Now there is this guy(Prashant Pratap Singh) claiming to be my live-in partner. My husband laughed the loudest when we heard about this alleged skeleton in my cupboard.”

Getting seriously nettled Veena retaliates, “You have known  me to be completely transparent about me life. My past is not hidden from anyone, not even my husband. Had anyone heard of this so-called live-in partner before? Yeh kahan se ek naya twist mere dilchasp kahaani mein aa gaya?”

So who is this guy? Veena takes a deep breath, “He is part of my 20-member team . He  is a member of my Indian staff. He basically takes care of my digital content on the internet.I pay him 10,000 rupees per month .That’s it.And he is very fond of photographing me.Wherever I’d go he would take my pictures. I even got him a camera when I saw how passionate he was about photographing me. I was very fond of him because he truly seemed to enjoy photographing me.”

So how did a 10 K employee end up alleging Veena is his live-in partner?

Veena says she is shocked. “I always treated him like a brother. He is one among my very good gay friends.”

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Is Veena saying Pratap is gay? “I think so. Although his sexual orientation was never my business. But he was married once and his wife left him after a month. I always treated him like I treat my gay friends with special warmth and affection. And this is how he reciprocates my warmth?”

She feels Singh is being instigated by someone to behave this way. “What he’s alleging makes no sense.And he  knows it. I am married woman now. If people can’t see us happy at least leave us alone.”

Veena’s husband Asad Bashir Khan can barely contain his happiness at the turn that his life has taken. “Veena is the most beautiful woman I’ve met.Ever since our flash-wedding my life has been an endless joy. I feel we are on a honeymoon that will go on forever. I am very happy. How happy  she is, only she can tell you.”

Recalling their instant courtship and wedding Asad says, “Our families knew one another. We also knew each other. It’s only now that we grew close .We didn’t take long to decide to get married. Now I want to spend the rest of my life with her.”

Reacting to one of  her staffers claiming to be her live-in partner Asad says, “Her past makes no difference to me. Now I am there to protect Veena and her reputation. Anyone who dares to mess with her would have to deal with me. I am a hot-blooded Pathan Khan. We Khans  look after our women till our dying breath.”

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