​After Phantom, Sajid Nadiadwala To Mend Bridges With Pakistan​


Clever! Sajd Nadiadwala who made his Pakistani audience very  unhappy with Phantom (it even got its director Kabir Khan heckled in Karachi) has now made amends.

In his new production Dhishoom one hero Kabir Shergill (John Abraham)  is a Hindu, the other hero Junaid Ansari (Varun Dhawan) is  a Muslim.They both unite to bring down a terrorist (Akshaye Khanna) who belongs to neither India nor Pakiatan.

Varun proudly declares , “I play a Muslim for the first time. And I am very proud of it.”

Okay Pakis, it’s time put down those guns and dance in the aisles as Jacqueline Fernandez shakes her booty. In Varun’s words ,she is both Pakeezah and Parvati…ISI or RAW? Take your pick.

Rohit Dhawan who for the record does not belong to the Rohit Shetty school of filmmaking and  who is the very prolific David Dhawan’s son, had cast Akshay Kumar and John Abraham as two gigolos in his first film Desi Boyz.Rohit rids his second film of Akshay(which is like losing out on 60 percent of the engaging quotient) and adds his kid-brother Varun Dhawan (which is like adding tadka to a debatably palatable meal).

The two heroes(caught wearing orange underwears ) are assigned to get back superstar cricketer ‘Viraj’ from the dreaded terrorist Wagah(Akshaye Khanna), so called, because in his own words,the villain belongs neither to India nor Pakistan.

By that logic he might as well have been called Adnan Sami.

Did I mention logic? Is there anything even remotely logical about Dhishoom? India and Pakistan getting together a day before the world-test to retrieve ‘Viraj’…logical???The acting of the principal players seems to suggest they’ve been instructed by the director to behave as if they are auditioning to be part of the audience on Kapil Sharma’s show.

John is deadly seriously. Varun is flighty and flirty,something akin to what Saif Ali Khan was to Akshay Kumar inMain Khiladi Tu Anari.  So far so cute.Compounding the cuteness quotient is  a scene in the trailer where Varuntells John he is not John’s sidekick.

“You may be Munnabhai. But I am not Circuit. You may be Batman. But I am not Birdman. If you are the hero I am also the hero,” drawls Dhawan’s junior scion.

Bolna padta hai , boss. Specially after the Diwale experience where Varun was reduced to a prop to Shah RukhKhan.

And Akshaye Khanna as the terror-mastermind. Good to have you back. Hope you take good care of Virat….errr,Viraj.

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