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​Has​ Kangana’s Endless Obsession With Her Past Affairs Rui​ed Simran?



Even  her most diehard supporters would now have to admit that Kangana is over- playing her Fearless Feminist card.All her true confessions about her  past affairs has completely taken away  the focus  from the film that she was promoting.

In case we have all forgotten she was  supposed to be promoting Hansal Mehta’s Simran. But the focus  shifted to Kangana’s men, and her vagina…In a new video put out by AIB she’s seen dancing and telling  the world she has  a vagina.

Well, thank you for the vital information.

Not everyone has taken warmly to Kangana’s Fearless Feminist act. Already pissing off everyone worth pissing off from Keta

​n ​

Mehta to Karan Johar, she has further isolated herself from the entire film industry .

Industry  folks of both the sexes(mind you, women are  not enamoured of Kangana’s endless obsession with her men) are heard asking the same thing.

What  is she doing?

A valid question ,considering she was meant to be promoting a film , not the reproduction organ and certainly not  a prurient antidote to ennui provided in dollops of scandalous confessions that ceased to shock because of their repetitive nature. In how many ways can Kangana tell us  how shabbily she was treated by her men? We  have heard  it all. There  is nothing more to be said on her  disastrous  love life.

Several actresses  whom I know personally have been treated even worse than Kangana. They have kept

​ mum​

not for the lack of courage(a quality Kangana feels she has  copyrighted) but because whatever happened in the past was  out of their own free will.

When you

​ are asked  to​

get on the casting couch, you have the option to say  no.

But who will bell the cat? There is  not a single individual on the Simran team who can stop her from doing what she wants to.

A person  very close to the project had this to say—and I quote the person verbatim—“Kangana is  uncontrollable. She  took over the project from Hansal Mehta, almost completely. During the New York schedule of Simran , Hansal sat in a corner while she told the technicians and the cast what to do.  It came to a point where  the entire NY  crew of Simran threatened to walk out. Kangana has rendered Hansal Mehta powerless.”

Now even the film’s producers don’t know how to stop her.

“No one tells her what to do or what to say at events. She just takes over and we all listen quietly  hoping there won’t  be more dirt from her cupboard flying around.We are supposed to be promoting a movie. But no one seems  to remember that. Simran is sidelined. Kangana’s  ‘What Men Did To Me When I  Didn’t Know Better’ confessions are the flavour of the campaign.”

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