8 Reasons Why Badlaa Looks Seductive

B1.     Sujoy Ghosh  is  the  master  of seductive suspense. His film may(Kahaani) or may  not(Kahaani 2)  work at  the  boxoffice. But there’s no doubt he  knows how to play Bollywood’s Agatha Christie at a tea party with Alfred Hitchcock when  Briande Palma suddenly drop sin . Badlaa has  a gripping plot about  murder and  betrayal which  will have you guessing  till the end.

2.     It’s an  original!  What a change from  all the rip-offs  that we’ve been watching lately. Everything from the brilliant Gully Boy to the  ugh  Total Dhamaal  seems derivative. Badlaa is  completely  unique  story…or so Sujoy swears. I don’t know whether  to trust him. He HAS directed Alladdin and Delivery Boy.

3.     The  Big B is back. Now matter  how old he gets,  even  after 50 years of  film acting,  his penchant for  screen salvation  remains undiminished. This  is Mr Bachchan’s first release  for 2019 .Last  year he featured  in  the  disastrous Thugs OfHindostan. Everyone  makes  mistakes, Even God. I mean, even  Aamir Khan.

4.     Big B & Tapsee together again after the marvelously  empowering Pink. Again he plays  a lawyer  though a far more grounded  one this time. Nothing bi-polar about this  attorney.Tapsee plays his client accused  of  murder. Yup, there  is a dash of  Alfred Hitchcock in Sujoy’s  brew this time.

5.     Hero-Heroine but  no romance.  Mr B is the hero. Ms Pannu  is  the heroine. They are  generations removed and  yet  they’re the  plot’s protagonist, like Harrison  Ford and  Julia Ormond  in Sabrina. Why  must every  lead  pair be romantically  involved? Badlaa  tells you why they don’t have to be .

6.     The  first suspense  thriller  in   Hindi cinema  since  Kahaani that  will have guessing till the end. The  conclusion is  so  unexpected  you will  find your jaw dropping off from you face. The  build-up of the tension  is  nothing compared with what lies underneath.

7.     Badla  was  a film in  1974 which starred Shatrughan Sinha  as  fugitive  on  the run. It was  a hit. This Badlaa  with Amitabh Bachchan is  a  world apart. But Sujoyclaims  to  have always been inspired  by the hardcore mainstream  revenge sagas.  “What  is a film  without its core of  vendetta  in  the drama? It’s  like  a biryani dish  without  the fish,” says  Sujoy.Nothing fishy about Badlaa.

8.     Sujoy had the  script for Badlaa with him for  nearly ten  years. He wanted  to make  it with  Amitabh Bachchan and Vidya Balan. But then  life has  other plans. Here  it is, ladies and gentlemen, the  suspense  film you won’t forget for a  very long time.

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