Hug Of The Year: Kareena Reaches Out To Shahid’s Wife


BCall  it a  sign  of  maturity .But  when Shahid Kapoor’s wife Mira Rajput met  Shahid’s  erstwhile  Significant  Other  Kareena  Kapoor at  the Ambani wedding  last week, the past was washed away in an impulsive moment of  warmth.

An invitee who saw the  exchange says,  “It was so  heartening to see Kareena spontaneously  hug Mrs Shahid Kapoor. We  could see it was a moment of genuine warmth. They spoke  warmly for a while before moving  away to  mingle with other guests.”

For  those who came in late Shahid and Kareena were in a relationship for nearly three years when Kareena met Saif  and Shahid moved on to a relationship with Priyanka  Chopra.

 It looks like this is  the season for Kareena to make peace with Shahid Kapoor’s love life. While the  hug for wife Mira Rajput is noted, Kareena will also share Koffee With PriyankaChopra on Karan Johar’s show in a few weeks.

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