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Priyanka Chopra Gets Even With Salman Khan



Salman Khan being Salman Khan, it surprised  no one  to know  that he kept taking continuous  potshots at PriyankaChopra for opting out  of Bharat  at the eleventh hour.

 All through his barrage  of  digs  Priyanka kept quiet,not saying a  word in retaliation. But now  at  the wrap-up party  for  her  last Bollywood project  The Sky Is Pink she spoke about how she  voluntarily chose not to do a bigBollywood blockbuster  with songs and dances.

While she didn’t name Bharat it was evident she was talking about that film , and none  other.

So what  emboldened the otherwise-affable peace-be-onto-all Priyanka  to  take  a swipe at Salman?

Friends  say  the  outburst  was on the way  for a  while.

“Salman unnecessarily  kept   bringing up her name. This  was  not the  first  time that an actor had turned down a role.  Kajol had turned down Hichki . But no one  from  the  film’s team spoke about it. Salman  kept harping on  the matter.And  it  really pissed Priyanka off.  As she had  done nothing wrong. Now with  Bharat  underperforming  at the  boxoffice she can  afford  to have the last laugh,” says  a filmmaker friend  of Priyanka.

One wonders  if Priyanka  should be  gloating over her  decision to  opt of Bharat. Because she  has  nothing to show  in her future repertoire that  could be considered  a sure success. The  Sky Is Pink with  a title that  sounds as weird as  the psychedelic songs  of Pink Floyd, is  at best a strong niche   film. That apart .,she has no films on the floors  in either India  or  Hollywood.

 Doing Bharat at this juncture would have been good career move for  Priyanka  Chopra. Sadly she thought  otherwise. Her sky  is  definitely more blue than pink.

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