Vishal Krishna: I Don’t Need To Defend Myself Against People With Axes To Grind


 As  the  Nadigar Sangam election in Chennai  approaches on June 23, actor Vishal Krishna whos  contesting the elections, finds himself under attack from several  quarters  including his  former  close friend actress Varalaxmiwhose father Sarath Kumar has been  criticized by Vishal for alleged irregularities and misconductwhen he helmed  the Nadigar Sangam.

 Notorious  publicity seeker Sri Reddy has also posted  incriminating tweets against Vishal

 But days ahead  of  the elections Vishal remains  unfazed. I dont need  to defend myself against people who  have a personal agenda. Sri Reddy, I  dont even know what she said about me. And I dont care. She has so much to say about everybody. As for Varalaxmi I can understand  her reaction.After all  its  her fathers reputation at stake. But she must believe me when I  say we have documented  proof of the allegations being made against  SarathKumarji.Ive the  highest regard for him. But at the moment my advice to all concerned  is to not react emotionally.

Vishal says he is unfazed by the attack on him. The elections are  just days ahead. The intensity  of  the  attack shows how insecure the  other  contestants are about my elections. The  attack and abuse dont  hurt me. If you are in politics you have  to grow  a thick skin.

Vishal also draws attention to the campaigning tactics of  educationist Ishari K Ganesh.  He  is  using his students  for door-to-door canvassing young boys  who should only  be focusing on  their studies are  being subjected to this kind of  exploitation. Does he realize what the  repercussions would be  if this were to come  out in the public domain?

Vishal admits he  is unhappy with the dirty politics. If I had known even a month  earlier that there would  be so  much resentment about my  participation  in the elections Id have opted  out. The entire  focus of resentment seems to be the  Nadigar Sangam building thats being  constructed. I  dont know why it is such a big deal for everyone whos attacking me.But Ive promised to complete  the  construction  of this  building.And I will  keep my promise.

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