Would Nawazuddin Prove Third-Time Luck With Thackeray?

BTwice before,  the versatile Nawazuddin  Siddiqui has played real-life characters for the same  production  company Viacom 18 Motion  Pictures.  Both the times,  as Dashrath Manjhi  in Mountain Man and Sadddat Haasan Manto in Manto, Nawazuddin  has bombed badly.

And not because  he  was  anything short  of  brilliant both the times.  It is just that Nawaz  doesn’t work  as a solo hero at  the  boxoffice. This awareness of numbers  failure  is giving Viacom sleepless night.

As  the day of Thackeray’s release  approaches  the question on   the minds of  all concerned is, would Nawaz  be  able to pull off a real-life character this time, and  that  too one who  was so dynamic and larger-than-life?

A source close to the  project says, “It’s a  tough one,  We’re aware  that  Nawaz  for all his brilliance doesn’t work as a  solo  hero.So what do we do? There’s little that can be done except to hope that the audience would be  looking at and embracing the  film for  Balasaheb(Thackeray) and  not  brood over  who’s playing him.”

The source says  the  film’s   financial and creative helmers the Shiv Sena wanted a  big star for the role.  But they couldn’t get the  Khan or even the Kumar or  Kapoor to  play the  role.

“Nawaz  was a  compromise  option,” says  the source. “We  hoped that the audience would come to  know  about Balasaheb’s life and  oratory.”

 Viacom  18  is not looking at  box office  numbers  this time.

“They  took on the project for the Shiv Sena’s sake.  Sanjay Raut  of the Shiv Sena has taken all  the  decisions regarding the  film’s marketing and release. Viacom is dutifully obeying Raut’s command.”

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