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Here Are 10 Reasons Why Saif-Kareena Share A Successful Marriage

As The Couple Completes 4 Years Of Wedded Bliss On October 16

1. Because Saif is  the only man Kareena has ever listened to . In her earlier relationships she was headstrong impulsive stubborn and rebellious to the point of destroying the very relationship  she nurtured. One of her earlier boyfriends had sighed to me, “She tires me out. She is fabulous. But she does her own thing. No point in trying to change her point of view.” Saif changed that. She actually began to mould herself according to his tastes.This included inculcating a reading habit in her.

2.  Be it Amrita Singh or the vanished Roza Catalano(where is she now???!!) in Saif’s earlier relationships it was the women who called the shots. KareenaSaif had once confessed to me, is their first relationship of equals.

3.     They come from affluent film families and were never dazzled by one another’s fame or fortune. To this day they pay their own individual bills for their clothes and personal requirements.They grew together as artistes, and never apart.

4.     Mutual respect for one another’s family. Kareena idolizes Saif’s mom the gorgeous Sharmila Tagore. And Saif is so close to Kareena’s mom Babita and sister Karisma that the two ladies never take a decision without discussing the issue with Saif, be it a divorce or the colour of the livingroom curtains.

5.     Saif and Kareena do not interfere in one another’s careers. She has never questioned him about his heroines. In fact she became pals with Ileana d’Cruz while her husband was shooting a film with her. He has never asked her to  slow down or give up her career.Or to even take a maternity break. Saif has seen his mom Sharmila Tagore balance a career and her home beautifully.

6.      Saif and Kareena have similar tastes in home décor. Their dream house is being built brick by brick by the couple themselves. No interior designer needed.Their home reflects their mutual love .

7.     Religion has never been an issue between them. Saif is a  practicing Muslim. Kareena is a Hindu. They practise their own religious  belief and snub all attempts by mischief mongers to practice a divisive domesticity between  the duo.

8.     Saif never lectures his wife on how to lead her life.Ditto Kareena. She once told me, “The secret of a  successful marriage is, give each other space. Do not crowd your huband with your convictions. At the same time do  not get into the habit of complying with whatever he wants. Disagreements are a healthy part of a relationship.”

9.     They have their own life beyond their marriage. Kareena is extremely gregarious.Her close friends include Amrita Arora(Malaika’s sister)  and designer-producer Shabina Khan .She hangs around them, goes to lunch with then. Saif is a loner. He has no friends.

10.  The couple is expecting its first child four years after marriage. There was never any pressure onKareena for motherhood , either from Saif or his mother. Motherhood was a choice left entirely toKareena. She is a diva during pregnancy and will continue to be diva after motherhood. Just like her mother-in-law.And Saif just can’t stop preening.


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