10 Reasons Why Notebook Looks Lucratively Dreamy

  1. Because 56 years ago Vijay Anand made the breezy romantic musical Tere Ghar Ke Samne with Dev Anand and Nutan. Now Nutan’s granddaughter Pranutan makes her screen debut with a film that seems inspired by Vijay Anand’s romantic vision of bridled ebullience and his propensity to understate romance by moving across the characters’ feelings on tiptoes.
  2. Nitin Kakkar who directs Notebook has earlier done Filmistaan which won the National award.But everyone has forgotton Mitron,the Jackie Bhagnani starrer that Nitin directed last year.A grossly underrated film it got no audience because of its unattractive cast.But I suggest you get a DVD of Mitron to know what Kakkar can do.Here’s a director who compels us to take a look beyond the obvious.
  3. Because this is Salman Khan’s baby. He has supervised every department in the film, handled the film with rare care. Nothing has been left to chance. Salman wants the newcomers Zaheer Iqbal and Pranutan to get the perfect launch. Not like the sloppy deal Sooraj Pancholi and Athiya Shetty got while doing a remake of Hero.
  4. Zaheer Iqbal was signed on the spot when Salman spotted him at a do. No audition, no reading, no rehearsal. Salman had a gut feeling this time. So what of Zaheer is from a film family? So what if he’s a first-generation actor? So impressed is Salman with Zaheer that he already wants to do another film with him.Ditto Pranutan whom he signed without a thought.
  5. Unconfirmed rumours insist that Salman wants Zaheer and Pranutan in a remake of Salman’s iconic launch pad Maine Pyar Kiya.
  6. Notebook is not a remake . It is an original story and it is set in Kashmir. Salman has craved for years to do romantic film set in Kashmir.So impressed was he with the luminous landscape that he has decided to shoot portions of Inshallah with director Sanjay Bhansali in Kashmir.
  7. Pranutan’s father Mohnish Bahl wants to turn director for a film starring his daughter . For years his close friends including Salman have been urging Bahl to take the plunge. But Mohnish had decided if he ever turned director it would be for his daughter.Beti late than never.
  8. Will Salman make an appearance in Notebook? Unlikely. They have shot a song . But Salman feels his presence would distract from the sheer luminosity of the young new pair. Zaheer and Pranutan are already being seen as the Ishaan-Sara of 2020, newcomers who will take all the debutant awards in 2020. Incidentally Salman had won the Filmfare male debut award in 1990. None of his protégées have been thus honoured so far.
  9. Because Notebook has no competition this Friday. The jungle adventure Junglee looks like something Shammi Kapoor would have done under the influence of a hallucinatory drug.
  10. Because the film’s title has an instant-recall value.The 2004 Hollywood romance named The Notebook featuring Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams is one of the most successful romantic films of all times.

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