10 Reasons Why Thugs Of Hindostan Is Expected To Break Records

The mighty Amitabh Bachchan and the  incredibly committed Aamir Khan together  for  the  first time. If we  add up their time in  the industry together it comes  more than a 100 years  of  acting.And never together before!!!Come again??

This is  Bollywood’s answer to The Pirates Of  The Caribbean(‘Maldives Ke Samudri Daku’ ???).The get-up of both the superstars  makes them look different from anything they’ve done so far,although Aamir’s  British-stooge look seems  a mongrelized  fusion  of  British aristocracy and a fashion vagabond.A sort Ranveer Singh on Oxford Street.

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Aamir Khan and director Vijay Krishna Acharya have earlier worked together  in Dhoom 3. This is Aamir’s  third film with Acharya.He had  double role in  Dhoom 3, you see.Apparently Aamir  was not too keen  on  doing another film with the same  director so soon after the first. But Acharya  convinced   him with  the script. And of course the  two leading ladies.

Both Katrina  Kaif  and  Fatima Sana Sheikh were selected  by Aamir .The second, because of Dangal.  The first , because he had enjoyed working with Katrina in Dhoom 3 and had promised to  work in another film where she  would have  more to do. That promise, I hear,  has  barely been  kept. Katrina pretty much has a  breeze-in-breeze out part in Thugs.

The bizarre dance steps  of Katrina’s item song Suraiyya would put Birju Maharaj and Saroj Khan into a state  of  collective depression. Whoever thought  of the  song and the  moves  must be given an award  for letting  the imagination get the better  of him/her. But Suraiyya is breaking the internet.So who am  I  to complain.

Another  highlight is the  climactic face-off between  Mr Bachchan and  Mr Khan where  Mr B, defying all medical advice,has done all  the stunts himself giving Aamir as good as he gets. One of the two  superstars dies  at the end. I am not telling which.

Yash Raj Films has a had a good year. Their small neat sincere  effort Sui Dhaga paid stitch..I mean, rich dividends.Thugs Of Hindostan is  the  most expensive film Yash Raj has ever  produced(though I hear only AamirKhan has been paid his market  price).

Yash Raj has booked  80-90 percent of  the  screens in  all the leading multiplex chains  of  the  country.  The theatres  must keep playing Thugs Of Hindostan  from Thursday 8 November  to Monday 12 November , no matter what  the  boxoffice outcome.

Aamir’s role was first offered  to Hrithik Roshan who wanted producer Adi Chopra to rework  the script. Considering the boxoffice performance of Hrithik’s last two films Mohenjo Daro and Kaabil  Chopra must be  doing  dances of ecstacy in relief for having convinced Aamir to come on board.

Will Thugs Of Hindostan  at the end of this year break the records  of  Padmaavat which came at the beginning  of 2018?  Unlikely, because at least a 100 crores of Padmavat’s 350-crore  earnings came  from the controversies. Jaisi‘Karni’ waisi bharni.

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