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10 Things You’d Like To Know About Katrina Kaif’s Sister Isabelle Kaif



  1. Isabelle’s so-called  debut film Time To Dance was  in the  pipeline for almost a year. It is entirely Salman Khan’s brainchild , including the basic plot , Isabelle’s role and her co-star Sooraj Pnacholi , and producer Bhushan Kumar of T Series, all handpicked by Salman.
  2. However  Time To Dance  is not Isabelle’s debut film. Not really. Katrina’s baby-sister made her debut  four years ago in French director Jean FancoisPouliot’s Dr Cabbie. That film t had Salman Khan as a co-producer and starred the very talented Indo-Canadian actor Vinay Virmani in  the title role. Vinay is Salman’s colleague Akshay Kumar’s close friend entrepreneur Ajay Virmani’s son.
  3. But Isabelle was  not the lead in Dr Cabbie. She  was paired with the film’s supporting actor Kunal Nayyar,  and when Salman pitched  in  as a producer he wanted Isabelle’s role to be  upgraded to the lead. However it was  too late as Adrian Palicki was already signed opposite Vinay Virmani.
  4. However Salman  insisted that Isabelle’s role in Dr Cabbie be enhanced. He persuaded the film’s director to add a  Bollwood song entitled Dal makhnispecially for  Isabelle.That dance number became  the  audition  for  Isabelle’s  Bollywood debut in  Time To Dance. Apparently Dal makhni  is  Isabelle’s favourite Indian dish. Never a  dal moment when the  Kaif sisters are  around.
  5. Speaking  of  the Kaif sisters, it is unlikely that Isabelle will  be billed ‘Kaif’ in her Bollywood debut. That  isn’t her name. She was billed as ‘Isabelle Leite’  in Dr Cabbie.  Kaif is a  fictional surname given to  Katrina by her  mentor Ayesha Shroff when Katrina made her  (disastrous) debut  in Boom.
  6. Apparently Katrina has made  it very clear to her sister that she is on her own in Bollywood. No godmothering no sisterly  boost from Katrina. In fact Katrina had  told me years ago.  “If and when  my sister decides  to  come to India she will have to rough it  out like I did.”
  7. Salman was never  told by Katrina to mentor Isabelle. He  is doing it on his own. It was Salman who decided against casting Isabelle in the film to launch his  brother-in-law Ayush as  the  focus would be  on the  male debutant.In Time To Dance Isabelle occupies centrestage.
  8. Katrina and Isabelle  may  not share the same apartment  in Mumbai. The elder sister wants the  younger to be on her own .It’s not privacy . It’s about making a career on her own.
  9. Interestingly  both Katrina  and Isabelle are  doing dance films for T Series. Katrina’s dance film is  directed  by Remo D’Souza while Isabelle’s dance film is  being helmed by Remo’s  assistant Stanley D’Costa.
  10. Salman was also to do a dance film directed  by  Remo D’Souza about a single father learning dance from scratch  for  his daughter’s sake. Salman wasn’t confident about pulling it off and  the project was aborted.This project may be revived soon with Salman and  Isabelle in  the lead.
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