The 10 Untruths After Sridevi’s Death Floating Around

  1. That she wanted a  white funeral. This is  the most ridiculous thing anyone  could have made up to milk(as in milky white) the tragedy. Why would Sridevi  express any wish on  her funeral? Did she  know she was dying?
  2. That she married Boney Kapoor on  the rebound after she broke up with  a certain dancing star. The  ‘certain something’ with the dancing star happened long before Sridevi decided to marry Boney  after many  years of togetherness .Sridevi once told me their relationship started with trust and dependence and then went  on to companionship  and love.
  3. That she didn’t get along with  Boney’s  children from the  first marriage. False. Though Sridevi was shy of meeting Arjun and Anshula for obvious reasons, there was  no illwill or bad blood between them. Arjun describes his relations with Sridevi as “cordial”.
  4. That she was a recluse and disliked  socializing. On the contrary Sridevi LOVED to be with friends like Manish Malhotra,director Gauri Shinde and her husband R Balki, Mickey Contractor and Karan Johar.When with these pals  she chatted the loudest.
  5. That she was inarticulate  and that she responded to most questions with , ‘Ask Mummy’(earlier) and ‘Ask Boney’(later).  Sridevi was not inarticulate. She was QUIET. She  liked to observe people  imbibe their personalities and store away their traits  for  use in  other places.
  6. That she  was a  trained dancer. In fact  she had no formal training in dancing. But she could copy the  most intricate dance steps conceived by choreographers to perfection. This was specially true  of Saroj Khan whose steps she  could copy minutely.
  7. That she was friendly with  some costars who are now giving interviews about how  much she “warmed  up” to them as the shooting progressed. Bollocks! She hardly exchanged anything more than a Namaste with Jeetendra, Rishi Kapoor, Rajesh Khanna and her other  co-stars. In fact the first co-star she really took to was Sajal Ali who played Sridevi’s daughter in Mom. Sridevi told me  Sajal was her third daughter.
  8. That she  considered Jaya Prada an archrival during the  1980s when they were both trying to consolidate their  positions in Bollywood. False. The entire Sridevi-Jaya Prada rivalry was  a publicity stunt  for a  film called Maqsad where they  both co-starred.
  9. That she turned down Sivagami’s role in Baahubali because of the  money offered. Actually Sridevi wasn’t convinced she would have enough space for her  presence in a film where the main conflict was between the Prabhas and Rana Daggubatti.
  10.  That she said no to  a Steven Spielberg film.  False. The film was produced  by Spielberg. He wasn’t directing.So Sridevi didn’t find it worth her while. She  did say no to Yash Chopra twice . For Darr and Veer Zaara .

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