100 Cuts….Udta Punjab Won’t Release In Pakistan?


After a long and valiant battle against censorship in India the makers of Udta Punjab find themselves facing yet another gigantic hurdle.

The censor board in Pakistan has ordered close to a 100 cuts, an unacceptable scenario for the Udta Punjabteam which fought tooth and nail to get every cut ordered by the Indian censor board restored in the honourable High Court.

Apparently the makers of Udta Punjab have taken a decision not to release their film  in Pakistan.

Says a source close to the film, “We kind of expected trouble in Pakistan. After all Udta Punjab shows drugs being brought into Punjab  from across the border. We are not okay with so many cuts. Why should we be ? When we fought so hard to restore  every cut ordered by our own censor board. We’d rather not release the film in Pakistan.”

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