2016 The year Bollywood  Revealed Its Vulnerable side.

 It there’s  one thing that 2016 would be remembered by it is Bollywood ’s fearlessness about showing themselves vulnerable  to their fans.

Many of them came out with revelations of abuse and depression . Deepika Padukonespoke in public about her battle with depression .Musician singer  Yo Yo Singh spoke about his long and painful struggle with bi-polar disorder.Anushka Sharma spoke up about suffering from an anxiety disorder, while Ranbir Kapoor won numerous hearts by admitting he had a drinking problem

Enthused by their willingness to speak of their vulnerability other Bollywood celebrities also spoke about psychological vulnerability. Actresses Kalki Koechlin and Sonam Kapoor spoke about being sexually abused in their past .

No other year saw so much of Bollywood so willing to let their weaknesses show in public.

Farhan Akhtar who issued a public statement this year about his separation from his wife says it is very important for public figures to not project themselves as invincible to the public. “We all have our weak moments and vulnerable phases. It is up to the individual how he or she wants to project the vulnerability  in public, or whether he or she wants to speak about it at all.”


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