5 Things Kapil Sharma Can Teach Arnab Goswami

It’s ironical . The two most high-profile television personalities Arnab Goswami and Kapil Sharma are moving in reverse directions.

Just as Arnab is back on television there are strong rumours of Kapil’s exit from his once-successful innings comedy show. Here are the lessons that Arnab can learn from Kapil’s debacle so that the setbacks don’t happen in Arnab’s career.

  1. How to make that move. When Kapil Sharma moved from Colors to Sony Entertainment he took his entire team with him to his new location. Arnab has moved from Times Now to his new channel Republic TV solo. He has a completely new team here . His channel therefore looks fresh and not a carryover from its earlier avatar.It is good to  indulge in some team spirit. But sometimes you gotta go it alone.
  2. Never take the viewership for granted. A  part of Kapil’s problem  as an entertainer was his growing belief that he was supremely infallible. That the show must NOT go on without him. Arnab too is a self-appointed one-man army. To a large extend his belief in his own legacy is  not unfounded.  But he needs to guard against projecting himself as the face of his endeavour.
  3. Every show is  a team work Kapil Sharma  insulted his team , constantly reminded them that he was the driving force behind his show. Big mistake. The team left. Show tanked. As he  got popular he forgot to value and respect his team. This is  is a mistake Arnabshould never make.Luckily for him Arnab is known to respect his co-workers.No slippers thrown mid-flight.
  4. Don’t get enamoured of  your own voice. Kapil knows when to move back, when to let his colleagues and guests take centrestage. This  is something  Arnab needs to learn. When he is around no one is allowed to talk much.He makes his presence felt  even at the cost of shutting out the other voices.
  5. The Nation wants to know….Why has the spark gone  out of Kapil’s eyes? Why does he look like he couldn’t care less any more? Arnab on the other hand, is even more vibrant enthusiastic, probing and passionate in his new avatar than he was earlier. Moral Of The Story: if you are changing address don’t carry too much baggage.
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