Nonsense THINGS!!! Bollywood Films tell the world about India!

Everyone knows that Bollywood tends to exaggerate every little thing on-screen. But while the Indians can sit and scorn the over-acting, the rest of the world is flabbergasted by what they think about the Indians.

1. All Indian men are born handsome and fair.

2. Money flows in India, literally.

3. Elephants roam the streets while the cars try to swerve around them.

4. Indian food is all about hot and spicy. There is nothing bland to it.

So, memes like this started to born.

5. Indian women are docile, shy and obedient.

6. Arranged marriage is the only way to be married.

7. While it’s true that men don’t cry, it is “true-er” still that Indian men never cry.

8. People are forever singing or dancing on the streets.

9. Because…?

10. The Indian heroes are superheroes! Nothing is impossible for them.

11. Indian women live and die trying to be the perfect wife.

12. The Gods are always waiting to answer your call. All you need to do is ring the bell.

13. In India, Physics and gravity work altogether differently from the rest of the world.

14. And that we all live in an illusionary world and don’t pay much attention to LOGIC.

We know that India today is not like this, but who’s going to tell them?



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