Akshay Kumar Is Not A Villain In Robot 2!!!

For those of  Akshay Kumar’s devoted fans who have been wondering why and how he agreed  to play a villain in Shankar’s 2: 0 here is  news from one of  the  film’s unnamed  core team members.

“Akshay Kumar  is  not a villain in 2: 0.Not really. The get-up and  the prosthetics suggest he plays a ferocious  character.And  he  does!  But   Akshay’s  Dr Richard  is  fighting for  the  right causes. He struggles against forces that have plundered and  devastated  the earth,” says  the  source adding that all the  rough edges  in  the  anti-hero’s character were removed when Akshay Kumar jumped in.

“It was  never  a villainous part even when   it was  offered  to Kamal Haasan. Once Akshay Kumar came  in  even hints  of negativity were removed as they clashed with his  image  of  the national hero,” says  the  source.

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