Baahubaali Take-Off, Housefull 4 Will Bring Together The Entire Cast From The 3 Earlier Housefull Films!

Get ready to see Akshay Kumar do a Baahubali.

Get this. Mumbai’s most successful producer Sajid Nadiadwala  is in the mood to do his own Baahubali, and on the same scale too.

The next instalment of his Housefull franchise intends  to not only bring back the ENTIRE congregation  of  cast members   from the  3 Housefull films, fromAkshay, John Abraham and Abhishek Kapoor to  Deepika Padukone  and Jacqueline Fernandez , not to mention the  hilarious character parts by ChunkyPandey, Rishi Kapoor etc.

Confirming  the same Sajid Nadiadwala says, “Yes, that’s right we intend  to  bring back the  entire cast  from  the the  earlier Housefull films. Of course JiaKhan is no longer with  us. God bless her soul. But all the rest are on.”

The idea  for Housefull 4 came to Nadiadwala in  a flash. “I just thought we’ve seen  so  many serious intense romantic films on the theme of reincarnation , you know Madhumati,Karz etc…Why not a funny take on punar-janam? That was my idea. I  shared it with my story writers. I thought they would take at  least a year or two to crack it . But they came up with a  terrific plot within no time. So yeah  , here we are all set to do a riproaring take on reincarnation.”

This time Sajid Nadiadwala has brought back Sajid Khan to direct. The two  had a fall-out after the first two Housefull films and  third segment  of the franchise was  directed by Sajid-Farhad.

Nadiadwala believes in letting bygones be  bygones. “We are looking ahead at  making the most expensive comedy ever to come from our production house.Housefull 4 will be set in two time zones. One will be in the current times. The  other will be set in Baahubali era where all the characters will get  into costumes.”

The  costume era will be shot on the same scale as Baahubali.

Yes, we will get to see Akshay Kumar riding a chariot in an armour and a  headgear shooting arrows.

That’s a cool thought to hold on  to until Diwali 2019 when the  film will release.

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