The Bitter Akshay Kumar-T Series Fall-Out

Akshay Kumar is unlikely to be part of any Bhushan Kumar-T Series project in the future. This is  clearly indicated by the unpleasant turn the Superstar’s relationship with the music company’s head honcho has taken after the actor opted out of the producer’s pet project Moghul, a bio-pic on Bhushan Kumar’s father Gulshan Kumar, the founding-father of their company T Series.

When Akshay agreed to play Gulshan Kumar  the  biopic acquired a certain heft and respectability.

“We all know that Akshay not only enjoys  a huge fan-following he  also has the image  of  a national icon. His playing GulshanKumar meant the bio-pic acquired a respectability among audiences and in the market,” says a source.

Akshay inexplicable exit from the project has left Bhushan Kumar angered enough to vow in  public that he will get  a “bigger” star to play his father.  This is seen as an open challenge to Akshay.

However  sources close to the Superstar say he is unlikely to react to the provocation.

“Akshay has  moved on. He didn’t feel comfortable playing Gulshan Kumar and he returned  the signing amount to T Series,” says a source in the know.

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