4 things you didn’t know about B’day Girl Amyra Dastur!

Birthdays are special moments, especially milestones. Model turned actress Amyra Dastur, who turns 25 today, has been a closed book. So far. On the occasion of the actress’s birthday, here are 4 things you didn’t know about her.

1. Amyra has an insane obsession when it comes to covering her feet. She wears socks 24/7 and hates any shoes/heels/flats that are open toed. The Telugu actress has even admitted to having worn socks a few times in the sea!

2. She is a Marvel and DC geek! Amyra has watched Avengers: Infinity War 3 times since its release and knows the backstories of all the Avengers and has very good knowledge of the Marvel and DC universes. She has also started collecting comic books to know more and takes pride in calling herself a nerd!

3. Amyra was a really chubby kid in her pre-teens, but after being sent to a boarding school in Pune, just before she turned 13, she developed a love for sports, fitness and eating right. She believes that her discipline and independence truly developed because of the 2 years she spent at boarding school.

4. Amyra played for her school’s basketball team owing to her height.

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