Amitabh Bachchan and Taapsee to come together for Sujay Ghosh’s Badla?

Mr Bachchan  & Producer Confirm

 That  the mighty Bachchan and  Tapsee Pannu are coming together again after Pink in Sujoy Ghosh’s Badla is no  new news.

 What is not known to  the public is that this script has been with Sujoy for ten years. And  it has three protagonists. Two  of them are being played by Mr Bachchan and Tapsee Pannu.However Ghosh’s original  choice for the female protagonist’s part was his perennial favourite Vidya Balan.

This was  6 years ago. The third protagonist was  to be played by Naseeruddin Shah, bringing the two stalwarts together  for the  first time. If Naseruddin Shah  is still interested  in cracking the combination, then we  have quite a casting coup on our hands.

Ghosh claimed he waited ten years for the title , “Badla was a title that was registered with another producer. I had to wait ten years to get it.”

 Badla  is  about two men who grow older dreaming of taking revenge on one another. But when it actually comes to pulling the trigger, they realize the definition of revenge has changed for them.

When  contacted  both Mr Bachchan  and film’s producer Sunir Khetarpal  confirmed the  project,while TapseePannu and Sujoy Ghosh felt  it was  for  the best if  the producer  made the  announcement.

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