Sara Ali Khan Is A Star On Koffee With Karan

Sara Ali Khan’s debut  film Kedarnath is around the corner.  But to me her debut on Karan Johar talkshow on Sunday  night proves she’s a star already. Poised, articulate, relaxed,witty. And very eager to embrace  the camera, ladies and genteleman,a star is born.Say hello to Sara Ali Khan  in the best episode of  Karan’s show this season so far.

 Father Saif Ali Khan and daughter  looked more like co-stars on the couch. Saysa  lot about how much younger the heroines  are getting.This could also be because Saif made a very bohemian dad  on the show. He had  quick answers to Karan’s unconventional  queries  about  his unconventional relationship with his daughter.And Sara was equally quick in giving  back to Saif as  good as she got.

For once, Karan chose to tread on  the sticky side   of the road, asking Sara  about her relationship with her father’s second wife Kareena Kapoor(we can’t call her stepmom, as Saif warned us that evening).

Sara  didn’t mince words. She described her parents as “wild”.

I would have to go with that. It takes a whole lot of wildness to get  where Saif has in  life. To be actually sitting on that couch with his grownup daughter all set to make her debut as a leading lady, and who is just 5-6years  younger than his wife. Full marks to Sara for calling  a spade a spade.And  wild, wild.

Oh yes, there was also a section about what host Karan  Johar  described as  the “elephant in the  room”. I  found that to be  a strange way to describe little cute Taimur whose pictures break the  internet almost every day. Interestingly  Karan had got video messages on  Taimur from a  bunch  of prominent  paparazzi photographers  talking on Taimur.

 Let’s face  it. I would  like to see Saif with Tamir on  Karan’s coach soon. He  is by far  the most successful Khan in Saif’s family.Sara seemed  refreshingly  free of  sibling jealousy . Not surprising,  considering Taimur is  young enough to be  her child.

Karan  called their family “modern”. I would  not define this family as modern. Just happy to do their own thing  unmindful of the repercussions. To  me the  star of  Koffee With Karan was  Sara Ali Khan who seemed  so comfortable with her Dad,  with her host and with the camera, not particularly  in that  order.  But then orderliness is not  a big virtue of this  spontaneously  bohemian  family.

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