10 Facts About 2: 0 That You Don’t Know

  1. his is a crucial release for Rajinikanth, as his last few  films have underperformed at  the  boxoffice. On  the  success ratio of 2:0  would depend his future in politics.
  2. Rajini  returns with his double role  of  Dr  Vaseegaran and Chitthi from Robot which released  in  2010. 8 years later he  is still at it.
  3. 2:0 is dubbed  in Hindi and  Telugu  from  the original Hindi. Akshay will speak in his voice in Hindi and Rajinikanth will speak in Tamil . In the rest  of the languages the two actors’ voices will be dubbed.
  4. The final playing-time of 2:0  is  2 hours 28  minutes. This makes it much shorter  in length than the  first Robotfilm which  ran  into more than 3  hours.  Perhaps director Shankar  has  realized that  in the 8 years since Robotreleased audiences have run  out of patience.
  5. Akshay Kumar doesn’t play the villain  to Rajinikanth’s hero. Not really. The larger-than-life hideously made-up prosthetic-pumped-up  archvillain is  no villain. He  is  actually a closet environmentalist  fighting tooth and nail against ecological  venomousness.
  6. The original choice for the antagonist’s role was Kamal Haasan which  would have been an interesting life-coming-a-full-circle eventuality.  At the beginning of their respective careers, Kamal Haasan and Rajinikanth  had played hero and villain in the Tamil film Moondru Moodichu.And now at the  tailend of their film careers(haven’t they both surrendered  to politics?) the  roles would have been reversed. Alas, Man proposes Kamal Haasan disposes. KamalSaab said no to villainy, although the villain in 2:0 is not really a villain.
  7. Contrary  to reports no other Bollywood star except  Akshay Kumar was offered  the anagonist’s role.  Names  like Hrithik Roshan and  Neil Nitin Mukesh were   PR plants. The role went straight  from  Kamal to Akshay with an uneasy stopover at Arnold Schwarzenegger who asked for the  kind of money that sent  the team staggering back to their roots.
  8. Akshay came on board  only after he was assured  that his role would  shape up well. Apparently before his entry the antagonist’s role was  far less substantial. With Akshay on board an even balance was created between the two main characters.
  9. This is Akshay Kumar’s first 3D film , and he would love to  show it  to his  little  daughter. Regrettably his  hideous makeup may scare  the child . Akshay and wife Twinkle are  in two minds as to whether  their daughter Nitarashould see the  film.
  10. Akshay has  scored two  hits in 2018 Padman and Gold. He is likely to score a  hat trick with  2: 0, provided his fans  in the North accept him in the freaky get-up.
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