Hours Before Release 2: 0 In Trouble with Cellphone Companies?

Just hours before its  release  there is  apparent trouble  for  one of  the  biggest films of the year Shankar’s 2: O .

According to  reports, the Cellular Operators Association of India filed a complaint against the filmmakers for promoting “obscurantist and anti-scientific attitudes toward mobile phone, towers and mobile services.”

However Resul Pookutty the Oscar-winning sound designer of 2: 0  debunks all the anti-mobile theories which have cellphone companies running scared.

Says Resul, “They have to see the film and respond.In case  everyone has  forgotten, there is a censor board in this country, they have seen 2: 0  and authorized it for public screening.Nothing unscientific is shown in the movie to scare the public or damage any reputations.We all responsible artistes with a track record of doing work that has brought pride to  the nation.Also, please remember  2: 0 is produced by one of the biggest telecom company in the world .”

Resul expects  2: 0  to be one of  the biggest hits of Rajinikanth’s career. “The pre-release anticipation and enthusiasm are incomparable  with anything I’ve seen. People  just want to see what Rajini Sir and  Mr Akshay Kumar have done  together.It’s a few hours away from release… we are all busy sending off  film.The first show is at 4am on Thursday. I’m sure audience will lap it up!”

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