The Kurranas Of Kanpur Is A Sad Spillover Of Kapil’s Show

A  little  bit of success is a very dangerous  thing.  It goes  straight to the head  and distorts all perception  of  reality. Sunil Grover  was noticed on The Kapil Sharma Show. He then  got  ambitious and decided he  could handle his own show which was a  flop. He then  got into a midair fight with  Kapil and broke  away letting the  press know how he was being relentlessly chased  by Kapil to come back to his  show.

 If  Grover’s new show Kanpur Wale Khuranas  is anything to  go by , then  Kapil Sharma is well rid  of the Grover element.  The  new show not only looks like a sad sorry spillover of Comedy Nights  With Kapil  it contains jokes about bodily functions which  have the ‘judge’ Farah Khan rolling in laughter.

If a woman is tickled by crassness who are we to complain? But we must keep in mind the  fact that many men these get days into trouble for  making offcolour jokes before women. Kanpur Wale Khuranas seems to have  not heard of  the MeToo movement. Grover plays an aging wastrel with  several saalis, one of whom played by Asgar Ali appeared  in a school dress to ask director  Rohit Shetty  if he had  ever seen a “Maal” as  “Gol” as she.

Self-bodyshaming, wow. All for a laugh. Gol Maal hai bhai sab Gol Maal hai.

Ha ha.

Kanpur Wale Khuranas  is  the worst disservice  that  could be done to the  cause of comedy.  It thinks making innuendos about a young woman married to an older man constitutes loads of laughter. So when the woman asks her husband if he had purchased the tamarinds that she had asked him to he retorts he hasn’t done anything that would prompt her to eat tamarinds.

Pregnancy jokes jostled with toilet humour in the inaugural  episodes  of Kanpur Wale  Khuranas. In the midst if the  bland banal backchat Ranveer Singh  tried hard to have fun. Newly married. he could have spent the time wasted on this zero-humour  comedy show, just gazing at his wife’s  beautiful face.

Who needs a new unfunny comedy show whose gags look like out-takes from Comedy Nights  With  Kapil?

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