Tapsee Looks Forward To Her New Big Telugu Release

 Game  Over  is  the  new thriller  that the very versatile Tapsee Pannu  has completed in Telugu. As  she waits  for its release she  can’t help feeling a sense  of  gratitude and  joy at her return to Telugu cinema.

 “Telugu and Tamil cinema  are where I started  my career. I am so happy to be back doing a bi-lingual in  Tamil and Telugu,” says Tapsee.

 Game  Over which releases  in April  features Tapsee in  a unique  role. “It was physically the most difficult role to play. For  70 percent  of  the  film I had to be  confined  to a wheelchair. To be  so restricted  in my movements was an unbearable ordeal for me. But then that’s the whole challenge and  thrill  of being an actor.  One gets to constantly do things  that one may not do in real life,play characters that open up new doors in one’s  psyche.”

Tapsee is  most impressed by what has been achieved in Game Over. “The  director AshwinSaravanan has  brought a unique perspective to the thriller. This film  is in  the  genre  of The House On The Hill but  entirely original.”

Tapsee says she feels at home in Telugu cinema. “I make  sure I do at least one film out there every year.I enjoy coming back to Telugu cinema. It feels like home. Game Over revolves around my character.And it feels great to be playing the hero in a Telugu film.”

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