Janhvi Kapoor’s Double Role In Rooh- Afza Has Her Up For The Challenge

Friends advised Boney Kapoor not to let his daughter Janhvi Kapoor play a double role so early in her career specially since her mother Sridevi’s legendary double-act in Chaalbaaz as a reference point. But Janhvi Kapoor feels she is more than up to the task, specially since one of the two roles in Rooh-Afza is that of a ghost.

Says a source close to the Kapoors, “Janhvi is the first Kapoor in her family from her generation to play a double role. Prior to this her mother (Sridevi) and her uncle (Anil Kapoor) have done double roles in Chaalbaaz and Kishen Kanhaiya, respectively. But Janhvi is not going to model her performance on her mother at all. She will do her own thing.”

Apparently the two characters would be fun versions of Sadhana in WohKaun Thi.In the iconic film the legendary actress had played a double role including that of a ghost.

Dimple Kapadia who played a ghost in Gulzar’s Lekin never blinked on camera during the film’s shooting. A ghost never blinks, Dimple had informed sagely. Janhvi listening?

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