Rishi Kapoor: I Should Be Back Soon!

There  are cheerful tidings  for  all the friends, well wishers  and fans  of  Rishi Kapoor.  The actor whom we all love is  nearly done with his medical treatment  in the  US and should be  back soon.

When I  connected with him in  the  US  Rishi  confirmed that he’s well on the way  to recovery  and that he needs  to undergo one more medical procedure before the  decision can be taken about the  date  for  his return to  Mumbai.

The actor whose last release before he took ill was Leena Yadav’s Rajma Chawal  admits he is  bored  with the long sabbatical and  is  impatient  to  get back home and  to his  career.

“Looking forward to  working again.I am much better now,” says  Rishi.

While Rishi awaits an  all-clear  on his health status he has been  kept in high spirits  because of  the good wishes  from back home in India.

“Many people have been constantly  inquiring.Sanjay Dutt  for  example, has been regularly  in touch. Actually more than me  it is my wife Neetu whom  everyone messages about my health,” says Rishi from the US.

We can’t wait to see  him back.

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