Akshay Kumar’s Stunts In Sooryavansham Ups The Singham Ante

 The   two most daring selfmade action heroes  of  Bollywood are  undoubtedly Ajay Devgan and  Akshay  Kumar. It therefore comes as no surprise  to  know that Akshay Kumar has  decided to take the action in his forthcoming khaki actioner Sooryvansham  a level above what Ajay Devgan has  achieved  in  the same director Rohit Shetty’s Singham.

 Says a  source, “Akshay had a series  of meetings with  Rohit Shetty about the action. The  only way it made sense to do one more cops franchise under Shetty’s direction was  to give the  audience  the kind  of action they had  not seen before.”

Since comparisons with  Singham  are inevitable Akshay will be  attempting the kind  of stunts that the audience  has  not seen Ajay Devgan  do in   the Singham  franchise,  or Ranveer Singh in Simmba.

“It isn’t an attempt to be one-up .It’s just to keep  Rohit Shetty’s  cops universe updated and on its toe,” says a source in the know.

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