6 Crores For Dear Comrade Re-make?

 Throwing exorbitant numbers  around  to generate  hype  has  become  a way of life in a certain  section of  the media.

The latest  pie-in-the-sky arrow-in-the-dark  illustration  of makebelieve  journalism is the story that claims  Telugu superstar Vijay Deverakonda  walked away with a  cool  Rs 6 crores after having sold  the Hindi remake  rights  of  Dear Comrade  to  Karan Johar.

While Vijay declined to comment on the  issue a source  close to  the  star described it as  an exorbitant  amount.

“No one pays  that kind of money for  a South Indian remake, And Karan  Johar is  not a  fool to just throw  money to acquire something.This figure(Rs 6 crores) is somone’s idea of manufactured news,” says  the source.

In fact  Vijay  didn’t ask for  any money from Karan and left  it to  Karan to  pay what he  wanted  for  the  remake rights.

“How can  I talk money with a friend?” Vijay Deverakonda reasons.

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