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The Joker Cleared With ‘A’ Without Cuts In India, Makes Its Move In A Unique Way

 Warner Brothers has decided to  move ahead  its India  release  of  the the worldwide   international hit  The  Joker  , the Todd Philips-directed  drama  featuring Joaquin  Phoenix is  already a  frontrunner  for  the Oscars and expected   to be one  of  the  biggest hits of  the  year.

 In a  surprise move, Warner  Brothers has  decided to  release  The Joker on October  2, alongside  Yash Raj Films’ War and  the Chiranjeevi  costume drama Sye Raa Narasimha ReddyThe  Joker  was  originally  slated  for an October 4 release.

“But Warner sees  more wisdom in coming  on the National  holiday on October  2 with the  other two  Hindi blockbusters  considering   how talked-about The Joker has  become  the worldwide. Also, the film comes  in a unique format. Though the spoken  language  will be only English, there will be Hindi subtitles. This eliminates  the  trouble of submitting the same film over  and  over again  to  the  Central Board Of Film Certification in different  dubbed languages and also spares  the audience some atrocious dubbing and translation,” says a source  from Warner Brothers.

The Joker has been cleared  by the Censor Board with an  ‘Adults Only’  certificate without a single  visual cuts and only two beeped out words: the  ‘b’ word for women and  the ‘d’ word for  the male organ.

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