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Hrithik Already Wins War In The North

In the North,  War is  king. Sai Raa  Narasimha  Reddy  has been  forced to take  the backseat  in  the Hindi belt . No two  ways  about it.

 A  major distributor in Delhi-UP says, “War is  currently the most in-demand film.  Tickets are  sold out almost everywhere in the advance bookings.  The  nation wants  to know what  the  Hrithik-Tiger war is  about.”

  Comments  Bihar  distributor Roshan Singh,  “As far as the  north is concerned it is definitely War as  no.1.  Chiranjeevi is  the undisputed   king  of  the  South. But up North he hardly has  a market. They’ve tried to  promote  the film through Bachchan Saab. But everyone knows  Bachchan Saab only has  a guest appearance in  the film.”

Kishan Damani  a prominent  distributor in  Bihar  says . “Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy has a good chance  of catching up with War. Since  it is high on  content it  will definitely make a dent in the War market.However at  the moment War  is ruling  the  boxoffice advance  in  the North while  Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy is  King in the South.”

Damani also points  out  the  fact that  Sai Raa  is  a late starter. “Syra Raa Narasinha Reddy’s  advance opened  on Tuesday due  to  late censoring and  showcasing.”

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