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The Secret Pact…How Akshay Kumar Will Get Company From Ajay Devgan, Ranveer Singh In Sooryavanshi

The  climax of Action Kumar’s  first  collaboration  with  Rohit Shetty in  Sooryavanshi will feature  a  never-before action sequence  with  the  film’s leading man Akshay Kumar  being joined  in by Ajay Devgan and  Ranveer Singh.

 For those who came in late ,  Ajay Devgan  and Ranveer Singh  played  the  hotheaded  cops Singham and Simmba in the  films  of those titles, respectively.

It is now  up to  Shetty  to devise  the  dynamics of  the  punches that the  trio of heroes will throw at  the  villains.

Apparently Ajay Devgan and  Ranveer agreed  to be part of Akshay Kumar’s  climactic fight against evil on condition that  Akshay too will appear in Ajay’s and Ranveer’s next Singham/Simmba  films.

Says  a source, “There  is an understanding that all three will make an appearance  in  all the three franchise films. If It’s Singham ,  there  will be  Akshay and Ranveer joining  Ajay Devgan. If it is Simmba, Ranveer Singh will be joined by Akshay and  Ajay and  if it is Soorayvanshi, Akshaywill get company from Ajay Devgan and  Ranveer.”

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