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365 Days Sequel Erotic Trash Recycled



365 Days Sequel

365 Days  Sequel Erotic  Trash Recycled

365 Days

Rating: 0  stars

Just how bad is  365 Days” This  Day,  the  sequel  to  Netflix surprise smash success 365 Days  in 2020 where  the lead pair just…. And there is  no  polite way  of  putting it…just fucked and  fucked  and  fucked. And then  they fucked  some more.

The sequel  follows the same nauseously carnal  route. It is  so devoid of any  relevance  and so  in love with its own armpit-level stink that this  could very well be the worst film that Netflix has ever  put into the market.

I can  understand the anxiety to score. Netflix is  rapidly losing ground in several  countries. What better way to  regain some of the lost glory than borderline  porn? The two  lead characters Laura (Anna-Maria Sieklucka) and Massimo (Michele Morrone) have  nothing in common except mutual lust. They  pretend to be in love  say they can have sex together.

The one interesting  sideline to this  torrent of trash is the lack of mutual  respect  between the two individuals. The  only time they care for each other’s company is when they are  in  bed. …in  a manner  of speaking.  This  couple  has  sex  anywhere;just  give them  a flat  surface. And  it can’t get any flatter than this  film on feverish fornication.

There is  a plot too. Oh yes, if you don’t have  a plot then this film would go to PornHub , not Netflix. So  Laura is a lonely wife soon after her wedding with  Massimo. Oh, did I tell you,they have sex on their wedding day on the  table.

Laura   is soon fucking with another man named Nacho(Simone Susinna) who whispers  ‘sweat’ nothings   into Laura’s ears.

“I am not like any other man  you’ve had,” Nacho tells Laura.

She  seems  happy to agree.Any other response would  require  a semblance  acting skills.  But the  truth is, there is nothing  about  any character that  is  distinctive. At the end of the  day  they are  just bodies with no  mind.

Here are a  set of characters who think with their private parts  and live in a world of  endless orgasms. If this is going to save Netflix from disaster, then who is  going to save  us from such disastrous efforts to excite the collective  libido of a wounded civilization?

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