45 Percent Drop In The Collections Of Saaho In North India

The euphoria and  the  aggressive  stand  taken by Prabhas’ fans in the   South may see Saaho through  to  being a  moderate success.

But  in the North for  the  Hindi version of Saaho,  the drop in boxoffice  collections is steep enough to  be considered  disastrous.

While distributors continue to believe  the film is  a pan-India blockbuster,exhibitors have a completely different story to tell.

Says  one  exhibitor from Delhi, “The response initially was  superb. But on the  first day itself audiences  rejected  the  plot  as convoluted. Monday saw a steep drop  and we expect  a further fall in the coming days.”

In Patna ,Bihar there is a drop in attendance  of  30 percent.

Says  exhibitor Suman Sinha, “Audiences flocked to see Prabhas  after Baahubali. But the bubble has burst.A  bad  product  cannot be pushed into  the public’s  face.”

The exhibitors say  Saaho will be average  in  the Hindi belt.

In the  South sources see  a decline  post-weekend.

Here comes a shocker from reliable source:   “They will lose around  8-10  crores  in  Nizam and Vizag. In  the South Prabhas’ fan  clubs will go all-out to  make sure   the  film  comes  out looking like  a blockbuster.But in  the North, it has been proven  that  lightening doesn’t  strike the same  place twice.A  Baahubali happens only once.”

While reports in the  South for Saaho  are  somewhat  positive,  signs  of  a decline are already setting  in.

In the meanwhile  the Saaho director Sujeeth has  been strictly advised by the producers  to  not interact with the press as  the  film is embroiled in a serious plagiarism  controversy after French director  Jerome Salle pointed out the similarities  between Saaho and Salle’s Largo Winch.

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