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5 Fabulous Ganpati Film Songs

1.     Ganapati bappa agle baras tum jaldi aana(Aansoon Bane Angaaray):  This is a rare Ganapati song by Lata Mangeshkar.  Though she has sung innumerable bhajans  in films I don’t think she has  done too many Ganapati  numbers for  cinema. This  one  composed by Rajesh Roshan  for Mehul Kumar’s Aansoon Bane Angaaray is beat-friendly and yet rendered  gorgeously melodious as  only Lataji can do with devotional lines.

2.     Ganpati apne gaon chale(Agneepath): The Bachchan baritone contributes to this  booming Laxmikant-Pyarelal  chorus-driven  number .He  invests heft into Sudesh Bhosle, Kavita Krishnamurthy, Anupama  Deshpande number . Truly epic  Ganpati number.

3.     Devashree Ganesa(Agneepath): Though this Agneepath  was a very poor remake of  the  Bachchan original, the Ganpati song in this one compared well with the original. To music composer Atul-Ajay’s  credit they did  not copy the original. Instead they tailored  the Bappa song to Hrithik Roshan’s sinewy  body language.

4.     Deva  oh  deva ganpati deva(Humse Badkar Kaun): Lataji’s sister Asha Bhosle lends  her  voice to this  vocally-vibrant   but compositionally weak  Ram Laxman tune. The  song is star studded with singers  Mohammed Rafi, Bhupinder,  Shailendra Singh and Sapan Chakraborty  joining Asha Bhosle in a  structurally  shaky but nonetheless  powerful  Ganpati number.

5.     Gajanana(Bajirao Mastani): Composed  by filmmaker  Sanjay Leela Bhansali and  sung  by Sukhwinder Singh  this  Ganapati number  is  powered by Ranveer Singh’s electrifying screen  presence. No one can  drive a dance tune up the waltz like Ranveer. His feet were born to dance  for  Ganapati.

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