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5 Notable Films Shah Rukh Khan Said No To.



5 Notable Films Shah Rukh Khan Said No To. 12

1.     Munnabhai MBBS:  Producer  Vidhu Vinod Chopra was  very keen that  Shah Rukh play Munnabhai while Vivek Oberoi was  to  play  his friend Circuit. Shah Rukh didn’t feel comfortable  with the role  and character. Eventually Sanjay Dutt  stepped in.And with  him came Arshad Warsi.

2.     Padmaavat: Sanjay Bhansali went  to Shah Rukh Khan with the  offer to  play the  villain  Aalluddin  Khilji. But Shah Rukh was apparently  not okay with doing a  film where the  leading had  the  author-backed  role.Also he is  off negative roles.

3.     Lagaan: Perhaps  the single-most important  film of Aamir Khan’s career had  gone  to  Shah Rukh first. But Shah Rukh had  a problem seeing himself  in a dhoti. In fact he almost said  no to Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Devdas for the same reason.

4.     3 Idiots: Again Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s  first choice  was Shah Rukh Khan.  But King Khan  couldn’t give  the  dates that  Vinod Chopra  wanted. Significantly  this  was the  second big  Raj Kumar Hirani   film produced by Chopra, to be  rejected  by Shah Rukh. Finally SRK is  working with Hirani and this time Hirani  himself  will serve as  producer.

5.     Ek Tha Tiger:  Why did Shah Rukh say no to Kabir Khan’s proposed espionage  franchise? Indeed  SRK and not Salman was  Kabir’s first choice . Apparently  SRK heard Kabir’s narration with great interest. But finally said  no. A source  finally reveals why King Khan rejected Tiger.  He was already doing a  spy  franchise Don  with Farhan Akhtar. You can’t have James Bond playing Ethan Hunt.

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