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5 Reasons To Watch Kartik Aaryan In The Game-changer Dhamaka



Kartik Aaryan dhamaka

5 Reasons To Watch Kartik  Aaryan In The Game-changer  Dhamaka

  1. Dhamaka  is  a game-changer for  cinema on  the relationship between the media and the common  people. No other  film in India in recent times has  shown how blatantly the  electronic media sells itself for TRPs at the cost of life, values and humanity.The mayhem that TRP-centric journalism causes at  the end  of Dhamaka will shake you in the way Guru Dutt did  when he sang Yeh duniya agar mil bhi jaaye toh kya hai in Pyasa.
  2.  Dhamaka is a game-changer for  Kartik Aaryan. After  featuring in a succession of  lightweight   comedies, he is  in full dramatic  form here,  giving to the role of  the  social-climbing  journalist a  kind  of moral heft that instantly places him above the competition.Watch him in  key sequences.While negotiating with  the  terrorist who  threatens to blow up  the Sea Link in Mumbai,Kartik’s Arjun Pathak  actually changes  in front of our eyes.It’s  a performance that the  actor  Ha Jung-woo from the  original Korean Film The Terror Live  would happily acknowledge  as  far  more layered and reverberant.
  3. It’s a game-changer for all  Hindi remakes  from foreign sources. Rather than copy blindly from the original  director Ram Madhvani has taken the  core theme—a self-serving  television  journalist  negotiating with a  terrorist—and moved  much further ahead, exploring how social inequality and  a damaged  sense  of justice can be lethal to a society.
  4. It’s  a game-changer for  Indian cinema’s uneasy  relationship with the theme  of terrorism and terror attacks. What happens  when the  common man is  pushed to uncommon depths of  despair? Neeraj Pandey explored  the explosive theme in A Wednesday. Dhamaka is the  baap of all terror-centric cinema in India.Dhamaka  makes you wonder: Abb terror kya hoga,Kalia?
  5. It’s a game-changer for Netflix. So far their  repertoire  of  original feature films in Hindi  has been of   middling impact. Dhamaka will instantly  create  what it promises  a dhamaka.
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