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5 Reasons To Watch Panipat



Ashutosh Gowariker  is back with a historical . Agreed, some of his recent films have not done well. But this one is looking kosher. Here is why.

1.     Know-all…The director is an accomplished  research-fuelled filmmaker.His last release  Mohenjo Daro  may have failed at  the  boxoffice. But he knows  the  milieu that he returns  to explore and  won’t compromise  on facts just to make his cinema  look sexy.

2.     Masterstroke …Ashutosh has chosen  to  cast  Sanjay Dutt as  the antagonist . Dutt’s only success in recent times has been as the villain in Karan Johar’s Agneepath. In  Panipathe plays  Ahmad  Shah Abdali an invader who  would stop at nothing  to see his adversaries  on  the ground.

3.     Arjun  Kapoor in the  role of  an lesser know Maratha  warrior  Sadashiv Rao Bhao,brings to his  role a disembodied passion. Rest assured.he is  nothing like his pal RanveerSingh in Bajirao Mastani. Ranveer was a warrior  driven by passion.   Arjun plays  a warrior whose sense of selfworth is  challenged when territorial claims threaten to destroy the sanctity of his land. This  role and  film will bring Arjun  back in the reckoning.

4.     Music  composers  Ajay-Atul who  take  over  from  A R Rahman in Gowariker’s  oeuvre have by now become the  first choice for music  in all period dramas. What Gowariker gets  out  of  them in  Panipat is  an  interesting  amalgamation  of  nostalgia and authenticity. The songs and music reflect the times. But in  a  contemporary  context.

5.     This year  the  historical period drama has  been in a slow-burn status, what with  Manikarnika   being  the  only  film from the historical genre  this year. It’s time  2019 had its  first bonafide  historical  hit.

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