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5 reasons why Deepika Padukone opt for Bhansali’s Padmavati

Here  are  5 reasons why Deepika  likely to opt for Bhansali’s Padmavati rather than Aanand Rai’s film With Shah Rukh .

  1. Because it offers her the author-backed  central role whereas Aanand Rai’s film revolves around Shah RukhKhan’s character.
  2. Though she has never worked with Aanand before and would love to explore a space that Kangana Ranaut has so effectively occupied so far, her commitment to Bhansali’s vision is non-negotiable after what Ram Leela andBajirao Mastani did to her career.
  3. Bhansali has made it explicitly clear to Deepika that she is the first and only choice as Padmavati whereas the existence of  Aanand’s film does not depend on Deepika’s presence.
  4. Because if  Deepika agrees to do Aanand Rai’s film  Kangana may accuse Deepika of muscling into her territory.The opposite—Kangana getting Bhansali’s film—is  not likely to happen.
  5. Because in Padmavati Deepika’s co-star would be Ranveer Singh.

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