5 Things  Birthday Boy Siddharth Malhotra Should Stop Doing

  1. Stop  doing films that try to be so cool  they end up  being frozen goods in the boxoffice  refrigerator.I am talking  about films like BaarBaar Dekho(jisse  audience ek baar bhi nahin dekha) and The Gentleman(which proved  that the age  of chivalry  is  truly dead and gone). These  may have looked posh on paper. But there is many  slip between the cup and  the lip.
  2. Stop and think why your Student  Of The Year co-star VarunDhawan has raced so far ahead of  you. Could it be because  Varunhas been seeking career guidance  from two of  the greatestBollywood gurus David Dhawan and Karan Johar?Insted  of being a  Mr Know-all don’t you think some serious counselling will show you where you’re going wrong?
  3. Stop   giving  out statements  like, “Some of my friends told me that Amitabh said that it’s good I wasn’t around during his time or I’d have grabbed his characters! This, coming from a legend that has enjoyed such stardom made me emotional,”. Sid, your friend sure know how to pull your legs.
  4. You must stop playing hide and seek with Alia  Bhatt. Either  you are seeing her ,or not.  If you are , that’s great.You are both young and  goodlooking and eminently eligible.Why hide it?  If you are not seeing her, then stop being strategically seen with her.
  5. Stop being so looks conscious. Every shot you give is  done  to flatter  your best  profile. There  is more to acting than meets the eye. Happy Birthday!

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