5 things to look forward to in Baahubali : The  TV Series


No Prabhas, No Rana  none of the original film caset. The series will not repeat anything from the film except the set now erect at the Ramuji Rao Studio.


Being in Hindi it will automatically dispel all the “Telugupan” from the film including the clumsily translated songs. Instead there will be an original Hindi soundtrack sung in popular playback voices.We hear Arjit Singh is the unanimous choice of voice to sing for the television series.


A  part of the television series will be based on the bookBaahubali Before The Beginning by Anand Neelkantan.


Producer Shobu Yarlagadda says he wants to give India its own Game Of Thrones by making the most lavish costume drama ever.No budget ceiling  is being allotted.


The  big question is, who will play Baahubali and his adversary Bhallala? We hear some  of the biggest Bollywood names are keen on playing the part in the series.

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