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6 Times That Kangana & Saif Spoke Their Minds Fearlessly To Karan Johar


  1. Ouch Potato! Edge of  the seat experience for Saif: So nervous was Saif of sharing the couch with  the blunt speaking Kangana that he remained perched on the opposite side of her almost tripping over the edge. A source close to Saif reveals, “Saif didn’t want to share that couch with Kangana at all. He had to be virtually dragged into it. All his fears came true. He ended up saying some really stupid things.”
  2. “If I kissed a guy I’d be gay,” said Saif to Karan Johar. By that reckoning Andrew Garfield who smooched Ryan Reynolds at the Golden Globe is gay. But he is not .  He also opined that a woman kissing a woman did not make them gay, that was not the same thing as a guy kissing a guy. Now wonder Saif said he should get the coveted KJo hamper just for turning up on the show.
  3. But it was Kangana who truly blew the lid with her embarrassing and upfront comments. She  labelled her host Karan Johar a “typicalBollywood biggie…a flagbearer of nepotism….movie mafia.” While I can understand Kangana’s bitterness at not getting a bite of theDharma cake, it was difficult to imagine why Johar took all the swipes . “She won’t be seen in a Karan Johar production for sure,” said an actor close to Karan.
  4. To his credit Karan Johar did not get apologetic or defensive when bombarded with Ranaut’s insults. He confessed on the show that he never thought Kangna would be  a big star.Kangana needn’t feel bad.Johar thought the same about Anushka Sharma.
  5. When asked which of the three Khan superstars Kangana would like to work with she answered, ‘None of them…I don’t want to play a subservient role to them.”  But Ms Ranaut, what subservient role did  Anushka Sharma and Deepika Padukone play in Sultan andChennai Express? Anyway the Khans are not likely to be seen withKangana on screen for a  very long time.
  6. Kangana didn’t spare ShahidKapoor either. She observed how he had his good days and bad days. On his bad days she said he treated her like she was a “suicide bomber”. Errrr…should we be drawing terror analogies on  a national platform. Remember what happened toSalman Khan when he spoke metaphorically about feeling violated while wrestling for Sultan?

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