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7 Facts About Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Inshallah You Don’t Know



1.     Alia Bhatt and Salman Khan do not play  an age-challenged  couple. If you are looking for a Lolita-unplugged  kind of remix about a greying man and giggly teenager(almost), then  look elsewhere). This  is  is  the story of intense love.There are no kids and kid-stuff in this story.

2.     Inshallah will feature Salman in his most romantic avatar  to date since Hum…Dil De Chuke Sanam.Usually Salman plays  aggressive characters  with dollops of  romance thrown in. For  the  first time he  plays a  diehard romantic.

3.     Since  Alia Bhatt has had a childhood crush on Salman  she  is  looking at ways to feel  ‘normal’ when she starts shooting with Salman. Breathing exercizes are  not helping  much.Alia is  just counting on her acting skills. She will  act nonchalant when she meets Salman on sets, as though working with him is no big deal for her.

4.     Being an  out-and-out romantic  film Inshallah will have 7 romantic songs composed by  the  directorSanjay Bhansali .  I have  had the privilege  of hearing some  of  these songs.To say that  the music is exquisite would be an understatement. The music of Inshallah will create history.

5.     Parts of  Inshallah will be  shot in the  US.  Sanjay Bhansali has shot only one of his films out of the country.And  that was  Hum Dil De  Chuke SanamInshallah says  Bhansali, has a heart that  ticks for India.

6.     Inshallah  will feature Salman  in a role never seen before. Sadly I am  not allowed  to reveal  what he will play.All I can say is he  has  never played  anything  like this before.

7.     As for  Alia Bhatt, Inshallah will take her to the  next level in her career. Her  role has innocence  and  seductiveness.Her character is  at once childlike and  wise  , grownup yet possessing the  innocence  of  a child. This  film will be  for Alia what Hum …Dil De Chuke Sanam was  for Aishwarya.

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