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7  Reasons Why Azhar Looks Inviting

Because it is the season of bio-pics.Everyone from  Sanjay Dutt to Aanand Kumar is getting the cinematic treatment.Cricketers never had it so good. Before we get bio-pics on Dhoni and Tendulkar, here come Azharuddin’s saga of the sordid and the salvaged image of a man who was accused of selling his conscience.This is his chance to  redeem himself.

Mohammed Azharuddin’s story had  to be told . Many from today’s generation who know about this cricketer believe him to be guilty of match-fixing. The film will hopefully set the record straight about what really happened in the cricketer’s career.

Emraan Hashmi who plays Azhar has not had an auspicious innings at the boxoffice. His last 5 films have bombed at the boxoffice. Emraan  needs a solid hit.And Azhar can give Emraan that badly-needed boost.


Besides being the saga of an iconic cricketer and a fallen hero Azhar is also an intense love story  of a man who fell in love with another woman while he was still in love with his wife.Would director Tony d’Souza be  able to handle the complexities of a complex triangular relationship?His two films so far Blue and Bosshave not given us any inkling of his familiarity with the roadmap to the human heart.

Unusually enough the film has the approval of the man whose story it tells.Normally there is a huge hue and cry every time some audacious filmmaker dares to film a real-life personality. Not this time. The real Azhar is happy with the reel.Good positive vibes all around.

Emraan has worked hard  to get the cricket-playing scenes right. He trained with Azhar and tried to play like him. It’s been a while since we had an authentic film about a cricketing legend.

As played by Emraan , Azharuddin plays the field in more ways than one. The  confrontation scenes between the two wives played by PrachiDesai and NargisFakhri should be the film’shighpoints,the way Nutan and Asha Parekh’s confrontation was in Main Tulsi Tere Aangan Ki.


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