7 Reasons Why Rock On  Promises To….Well, Rock On

1.     Band Stand:  Saat saal baad…..The  original cast seems to have returned without skipping a beat or feeling the heat. Farhan Akhtar, Arjun Rampal andPurab Kohli re-unite as though they never dis-banded.And they can still beat out a mean tune.Kyunki zindagi milegi dobaara, script willing.

2.     Between the first Rock (On) and a hard place:  In 2008 and its sequel now, time has just flown. Or so it seems . Unlike Tum Bin 2  which opens a week after  Rock On 2 which everybody has forgotten no one has forgotten Rock On at all.Because Rock won’t let you forget. It’s the same  characters picking up the threads of the earlier story ,whereas the other sequels like Tum Bin 2 andKahaani 2 just use the franchise name without any care for continuity.

3.     The new recruits , and that includes director Shujaat Saudaagar, seem to have slipped into the  groove like fish to water. Shradha Kapoor and ShashankArora look so much part of the rock band  Magik it seems as though there were always there.

4.     Abhi bhi, bilkul alag: the rock-stadia genre is even now unique to the Rock On franchise.No other film  or filmmaker  in Bollywood has dared to go there , probably because you need actors who can sing and singers who can act.Farhanand Shradha fit the bill.

5.     Sangeet ke Saudaagar: Abhishek Kapoor said no to the sequel to Rock On. He was probably tired of doing multi-hero buddy-bonding films  after Rock Onand Kai Po Che. Pataa nahin Abhishek ke dimaag mein kya Fitoor(giggle) aaya. He left to make way for Shujaat Saudaagar who has a  penchant for male bonding. Haven’t  you seen his cellphone ads with Dhoni and Prateik Babbar?

6.     Bring On Something New: The audience is looking for something fresh and appealing which they did not get in the two Diwali releases. Rock On 2 is that clutter-breaker from mainstream entertainment that everybody who enjoys mass entertainers would love to watch.It’s got a freshness to it .So much more vitality to watching Farhan and Shradha together for the first time than Ranbir andAnushka for the second time.

7.     Doctor, Something Strange Is Happening In The Theatres:  The  surprise success of Doctor Strange proves that the audience  is craving for a change. Watching popular stars acting cute on screen is not going to work. Nor are foreign locations  like Bulgaria and Vienna going to seduce audiences. Try travelling in the Indian heartland instead.And remember, Rock On, yeh hai waqtka ishaara.


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