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7 Reasons why Basu’s Barfi & Jagga Jasoos are same to same!

Days before the release of Jagga Jasoos I sense a disturbing déjà vu in the content. Why is Anurag Basu’s new collaboration with Ranbir Kapoor looking like their previous film together Barfi? Here is why:
1. The common thread of a speaking disability. Ranbir played mute in Barfi .In fact the film’s original title was Silence. In Jagga Jasoos(JJ) he plays a stammerer. Rather than talk he sings his way through the entire film.And we mean the ENTIRE film.Son of a gana! Ullu ka pattha!!!!

2. Barfi took Ranbir and Priyanka Chopra on a picaresque journey of self-discovery. This time Ranbir’s companion is Katrina Kaif(who incidentally was supposed to play Ileana d’Cruz’s role in Barfi). But you tell me, what is the difference in the fairytale adventures of the mute/stammering hero in the two films?

3. In Barfi Ranbir’s character was inspired by Charlie Chaplin. In JJ it is the adventures of Tin Tin all over again even by shot by the same cinematographer Ravi Varman.

4. Barfi took 3 years to complete! Why? Because Ranbir gave away his dates for Barfi to Imtiaz Ali’s Rockstar. JJ took 3 years to complete? Because Ranbir gave away his dates to Anurag Kashyap and Imtiaz Ali.Same to same.

5. Anurag Basu shot and re-shot and then again re-shot Barfi so many times that the producers stopped counting. The same is true of JJ. Anurag re-shot nearly 40 percent of the film. JJ ,like Barfi has gone exceedingly into over-budget. In fact one of the people with huge financial stakes in JJ told me, “Even if it is a blockbuster we will find it hard to break even.”

6. Music composer Pritam who stammers in real life composed some wacky songs for Barfi. The songs for the stammering hero in JJ are conversational and colloquial.In other words Jagga seems to be singing the songs meant for Barfi. The songs and music of JJ sound like leftovers from Barfi heated up and served with fresh garnish for a guest-list that knows exactly what it is getting into.

7. Barfi celebrated innocence and ingenuity. JJ celebrates innocence and ingenuity.

So enjoy playing Spot-the-Difference.


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