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Alia Bhatt Takes Time Off From Acting To Learn Kathak, Cooking & Piano

With her new release Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya  opening to roaring crowds, Alia Bhatt can choose to do whatever she likes. The offers are pouring in.  But Alia has other plans for now. In what seems like a daring rejection of  incredible amounts of remuneration Alia has decided to take time off from acting for the next  six months.

Says Alia, “That’s righ​t My next film​ directed by​ Ayan Mukerjee starts in September. Until then I am going to be bettering my craft,  learning new skills, imbibing untried experiences.”

Alia has a wish-list of new skills that she wants to learn until her next film begins. “I want to learn to play the piano. I want to learn Kathakalso. But most important of all I want to learn cooking. I’ve a new home and I’m very house-proud. And I love to entertain guests. However whenever guests drop in  I feel inadequate because I am unable to cook for them. Not just that. I want cook for myself also. It is, I feel, an essential part of my progress towards a complete life.”

The house-proud gamine-like actress is still learning to  live without her parents. “My parents are  just a stone’s throw away. And you  know what?  I feel I am able to give them more focused time now when I don’t live with them.Earlier I’d take their presence in the house for granted. Now every second that I am not with them I am reminded of the distance. So whatever time I spend with them I make sure I am all there.”

Learning the piano and Kathak are part of Alia’s game-plan as an artiste. “I want to  be more equipped as an actor. I realize  acting is not just about what you do when facing the camera. There’s a lot more thought that goes into it. I am trying to gather as many experiences as possible.”


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